Saturday, November 17, 2012

Noah's First Birthday Party!

Hello, folks! I realize that I haven't posted in, well, ages. And, I'm not going to suggest that my long separations with my blogging love affair will cease. I am an erratic blogger at best. A recent event inspired me to post, however: my son's first birthday!! We had all gone to a birthday party of a friend in early January that prompted us to get started planning a birthday party for baby Noah. We knew that we could never plan a party quite as awesome as the one that we had attended, but we thought that we would give it a shot (and by "we," I loosely mean my DH and me, although he was a HUGE help setting up for it! Maybe not-so-much in the planning part, though).
I decided to do a football theme for the party, and I ordered some really cute invitations from Tiny Prints. They didn't have a football theme, but they were brown, torquoise, lime green, and orange. I am a big fan of those colors. I then proceeded to spend WAY too much time planning the cake for the party. I decided to do football-shaped cake pops, plus round cake pops in the party theme colors. I also wanted to have cupcakes (vanilla frosted in the party colors), and a huge, football-shaped cake. Plus, I wanted Noah to have his own, mini-football-shaped cake. I think it turned out pretty well.  More photos to come (maybe - you know me and my erratic posting!).

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