Monday, March 23, 2009

Harry's Fresh Produce

I've lamented recently on my inability to get to the farmer's market, since they are typically only open on the weekends (or they're further from my home than I'm willing to travel for a tomato). So imagine my delight when I realized that an apparent farmer's market vendor opened up a small store in a new strip mall virtually across the street from the aforementioned flea market selling cheap, fresh, and sometimes unusual produce. Harry's Fresh Produce is located on the south side of Beach Boulevard, just west of Peach Drive, and a little less than a mile east of Southside Boulevard (in the T-Rex strip mall with that horrible dinosaur with the scary eyes). The prices are reminiscent of the farmer's market (think $0.79/lb. for all varieties of tomatoes, $3.00 for 30 eggs, $1.00 for a block of tofu, and $0.99/lb. for those really cute miniature "apple bananas"), I'm guessing I could probably find those obscure ingredients for the Asian recipes I've been dying to try, and the sales clerks (whom I'm guessing may double as the owners) were very helpful in identifying the produce varieties with which I was currently unfamiliar. I'm always one to support small, local businesses, especially when they can offer me fresher products at a lower price! In any case, give them a try if you're looking for produce in the Southside area. You'll be glad that you did.


Dawn McKinstry said...

Ahhh! I remember the crazy-eyed T-Rex!!

Aubree said...

Horrible, just horrible. Apparently there was some controversy in removing it, and the former owners wouldn't sell unless the buyers agreed to preserve it. I'm not sure what makes someone look at it and say, "that dinosaur really brings class to Beach Boulevard, and it would be a shame to remove it," but I guess that's what happened. At least it doubles as a good landmark, but personally, I'd rather have a pretty garden or a fact, if anyone's interested, I could probably come up with a good list of suitable alternatives to the T-Rex in terms of landmarking the site.